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Why I need you

I've been thinking how there's only so far an individual, however brilliant, can go. The age of the lone polyglot (though they were never truly alone; few if any were self-sustaining hermits) is all but over. I think now is the age of brilliant communities. Egos accommodating egos, letting ourselves die a little for the common good.

And even if this isn't a "dawning of a new era" at all, I am still drawn towards all the "comm"s: communication, community, commune etc

I love conversation when I am deftly reined in by someone else, when we capture each other, when we're warp & weft, making nets around the pulsing entrails of our thoughts. So often we are on our own threads, blind spiders. We are eloquent with careless hooks, loose cannonballs, lassos and mixed metaphors while our starlight is no more than the desperate tail of a meteor falling solo.

Too often we wake up in the morning alone and not recollecting, with unidentifiable bruises and craters and despondency.

Let's not only hold each other afterwards, let's hold each other during. Even hooking pinkie fingers together is sometimes enough.
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