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A musing Marissa

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(e) None of the above.
Whatever I write today will be outdated tomorrow :)

Come meet me in that moment before thoughts become words.
a a milne, a perfect spy, absurdism, activism, adventure games, arundhati roy, ayurveda, barbershop, bass, bedtime stories, beetroot, being accomodating, being curious, being helpful, bob marley, bollywood films, brillig, bubbles, buddhism, candle-light, catholicism, commander keen, communal living, communicating in kisses, cosmology, cryptic crosswords, day of the tentacle, dr seuss, dub, ecumenism, family genealogy, fantasy, fawlty towers, fearless honesty, fela kuti, firm vegetables, fractals, freestyle rap, gnosticism, grooves, growing useful plants, guitar, haiku, having too many interests, heffalumps, herbal tea, hinduism, hip-hop, history, hoarding, hugs, immigration, infinity, jim henson, john cleese, kahlil gibran, languages, lewis carroll, lime green, linguistics, looking glass reflections, love, lyrics, make believe, making cocktails, making love, making things with junk, maniac mansion, marionettes, mc escher, michael ondaatje, mind games, monty python, muppet movies, muppets, musicals, nocturnal tendencies, not having inhibitions, not needing subtitles, one less car, openness, palindromes, paul simon, phases of the moon, piano, picture books, poetry, polyglots, poya days, prime numbers, puppets, refugees, reggae, repetition, rhythm, roald dahl, savouring sexual tension, serenity, sesame street, shadow puppets, shyam selvadurai, sinhala, ska, sleeping naked, sock puppets, spirituality, spontaneity, sri lanka, sustainability, syncopation, tamil, the beatles, the cosmic trilogy, the jabberwocky, the labyrinth, the muppet show, tolerance, toys, ursula le guin, vegetarianism, volunteering, white-water rafting, writing

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