(e) None of the above. (pinky_thebrain) wrote,
(e) None of the above.

Mumble jumble

Do you think we have an obligation to figure out what it is we're trying to say before we say it?

Yeah, it's contextual. What about the context of online blogging/commenting? Do we have space, are we given space, to kinda stumble over our words, to not say what we intended to say, to not really know what we mean, to - I mean - even be wrong and take it all back?

I generally try to do the whole "think before you speak" racket. But really? Good thinking sometimes happens as a communal event with one or more other people. You start talking and you find words emerging from your mouth in unexpected ways - sometimes revealing, sometimes ridiculous. You throw these words at other people and in some mystical feedback loop, conversation happens, and your ideas are clarified like brain butter.

Conversation grows thoughts, and I love it. But sometimes, e.g. when commenting on other people's blogs, I feel like it's inappropriate to write something poorly-thought-out. I need to Have A Point: both know what it is, and express it clearly. It's as if because I'm writing words down I have an obligation to be more essay-like or authoritative.

What happens if I don't have a point, I just want to talk? Or there's something I want to say, just I can't put my finger on it?

I trust it's okay to fumble a tentative-draft-point-of-view post in these cases. It's the only way I can begin to express myself sometimes.
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